Somatostatin administration alters taste preferences in the rat.

  title={Somatostatin administration alters taste preferences in the rat.},
  author={Giuseppe Scalera and Gino Tarozzi},
  volume={19 9},
The effects of long-term and relatively constant concentrations of somatostatin (SRIF) were tested in rats to investigate its influence on taste preferences, fluid intake, and taste bud topography of the tongue. In SRIF-treated rats, intake of 3 x 10(-2) M NaCl and 6 x 10(-2) M sucrose solution decreased, whereas that of 3 x 10(-5) M quinine-HCl and 10(-3) M HCl (pH = 3) solutions increased significantly; distilled water intake and total fluid consumption remained almost unchanged. The light… CONTINUE READING

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