Somatostatin-28 [1-12]-like peptides.

  title={Somatostatin-28 [1-12]-like peptides.},
  author={Robert Benoit and Peter Bohlen and N M Ling and Fred S. Esch and Andrew Baird and S Y Ying and William B. Wehrenberg and Roger Guillemin and John Morrison and Cyrus E. Bakhit},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
The search for a peptide corresponding to the NH2-terminus of somatostatin-28 (SS-28) in tissues has led to the isolation and characterization of somatostatin-28[1-12] from pancreas and hypothalamus. Somatostatin-28[1-12]-like immunoreactivity [SS-28 [1-12]-LI] is widely distributed throughout the central nervous system and the digestive system of rodents and primates, reaching levels comparable to those of somatostatin-14 (SS-14). Antibodies directed against the C-terminal end of the… CONTINUE READING


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