Somatic sensation and discomfort in the arm of post-mastectomy patients.

  title={Somatic sensation and discomfort in the arm of post-mastectomy patients.},
  author={I Swedborg and Gunnar Ch Borg and M Sarnelid},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of rehabilitation medicine},
  volume={13 1},
From a group of 928 randomly allocated women that had undergone mastectomy for cancer, 475 were examined with respect to the somatic sensations and discomfort in the arm on the side of the operation. The women rated psychological variables such as sensations and discomfort according to an 8-degree scale. The variables investigated were: heaviness of the arm and hardness of the arm tissue, tension, weakness and paresthesia. Eighty per cent of the women recorded a rating of 0. For most of the… CONTINUE READING


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