Somatic mutation and recombination test in Drosophila melanogaster.

  title={Somatic mutation and recombination test in Drosophila melanogaster.},
  author={Ulrich Graf and Friedrich E. W{\"u}rgler and Alan J. Katz and Hansj{\"o}rg Frei and Hee-Soon Juon and Caroline Breese Hall and P G Kale},
  journal={Environmental mutagenesis},
  volume={6 2},
A novel test system for the detection of mutagenic and recombinogenic activity of chemicals is described in detail. Drosophila melanogaster larvae trans-heterozygous for the mutations multiple wing hairs (mwh) and flare (flr) are exposed to the test compounds for various periods of time ranging from 96 hr to 1 hr. Induced mutations are detected as single mosaic spots on the wing blade of surviving adults that show either the multiple wing hairs or flare phenotype. Induced recombination leads to… CONTINUE READING
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