Somatic growth dynamics of West Atlantic hawksbill sea turtles: a spatio-temporal perspective

  title={Somatic growth dynamics of West Atlantic hawksbill sea turtles: a spatio-temporal perspective},
  author={Karen A Bjorndal and Milani Chaloupka and Vincent S Saba and Carlos Estepa D{\'i}ez and Robert P. van Dam and Barry H. Krueger and Julia A. Horrocks and Armando Jos{\'e} Barsante Santos and Claudio Bellini and Maria Angela Marcovaldi and Mabel Nava and Sue Willis and Brendan J Godley and Shannon Gore and Lucy A Hawkes and Andrew Mcgowan and Matthew J Witt and Thomas Brian Stringell and Amdeep Sanghera and Peter Bradley Richardson and Annette Cameron Broderick and Quinton Phillips and Marta Caterina Calosso and J. A. Brightman Claydon and Janice M Blumenthal and F. B. Boby Moncada and Gonzalo Nodarse and Yosvani Medina and Stephen G. Dunbar and Lawrence D. Wood and Cynthia J. Lagueux and Cathi L. Campbell and Anne Barkau. Meylan and Peter A. Meylan and Virginia R. Burns Perez and Robin R. Means Coleman and Samantha Strindberg and Vicente Guzm{\'a}n‐H. and Kristen M Hart and Michael Cherkiss and Zandy M. Hillis-Starr and Ian F Lundgren and Ralf H. Boulon and Stephen Connett and Mark Evan Outerbridge and Alan B Bolten},
Somatic growth dynamics are an integrated response to environmental conditions. Hawksbill sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) are long-lived, major consumers in coral reef habitats that move over broad geographic areas (hundreds to thousands of kilometers). We evaluated spatio-temporal effects on hawksbill growth dynamics over a 33-yr period and 24 study sites throughout the West Atlantic and explored relationships between growth dynamics and climate indices. We compiled the largest ever data… CONTINUE READING