Somatic embryogenesis from integument (perisperm) cultures of coffee

  title={Somatic embryogenesis from integument (perisperm) cultures of coffee},
  author={H. L. Sreenath and H. M. Shanta and K. H. Babu and Madeneni Madhava Naidu},
  journal={Plant Cell Reports},
Somatic embryogenesis was induced in integument (perisperm) cultures of C x R hybrid cultivar of coffee, after a culture period of 15 months, using a sequence of 3 modifications of MS medium. Vigorously growing soft, white, watery crystalline calli were obtained on MS + TIBA (1 mg/l) + L-cysteine HCl (50 mg/l) + PVP (100 mg/l). After 45 d, the calli were subcultured to MS + IAA (0.5 mg/l) + 2,4-D (0.05 mg/l) + Kn (8.6 mg/l) and maintained for the next 9 months without any transfer. On this… CONTINUE READING
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