Somatic allelic deletion of nm23 in human cancer.

  title={Somatic allelic deletion of nm23 in human cancer.},
  author={Alvaro Pascual Leone and O W Mcbride and Ainsley Weston and M. G. Wang and Patrick Anglard and Craig S. Cropp and John R. Goepel and Rosette Lidereau and R. Neal Callahan and W. Marston Linehan},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={51 9},
Tumor progression to the metastatic phenotype is accompanied in certain cell types by reduced expression of the nm23 gene. We have localized human nm23-H1 to chromosome 17 by somatic cell hybrid analysis. Regional localization in the CEPH database and in situ hybridization is reported. Somatic allelic deletion of nm23-H1 was observed in human breast, renal, colorectal, and lung carcinoma DNA samples, as compared to DNA from matched normal tissues. A homozygous deletion of nm23-H1 was observed… CONTINUE READING


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