Somalia rising: things are starting to change for the world's longest failed state

  title={Somalia rising: things are starting to change for the world's longest failed state},
  author={Laura Hammond},
  journal={Journal of Eastern African Studies},
  pages={183 - 193}
  • Laura Hammond
  • Published 2013
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Eastern African Studies
Abstract This article examines some of the challenges facing the new Somali National Government in Mogadishu, following the conclusion of the Transitional Federal Charter, and the resulting surprises in the emergence of the post-Transitional leadership. The article also assesses the dynamics which allowed the emergence of relative newcomers into important roles, especially President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. A sense of optimism surrounds the Mogadishu administration, which is a marked departure… Expand
Before Things Fall Apart: The Role of the Soviet Union in Somalia’s Troubled Past (1969-1978)
The narrative of Somalia as ‘a nation without a state’ has been central to analyses seeking to explain state failure, the absence of Weberian political authority, civil war, and the resurgence ofExpand
Federalism as an instrument for peace and reconstruction: the case of Somalia
Somalia has been exceptionally prone to disputes over representation, making it difficult to identify representatives at the negotiating table who are both legitimate and authoritative. Somalia’sExpand
Viewpoint: Turkey as a “political” actor in Africa – an assessment of Turkish involvement in Somalia
The crisis of food security in Somalia in 2011 prompted an increase in Turkish involvement in Eastern African politics. Initially started as a humanitarian response, Ankara's policy has evolved intoExpand
State Building in De Facto States: Somaliland and Puntland Compared
Since the collapse of the Somali state, regional governments in Somaliland and Puntland have engaged in local state building. Studies often compare Somaliland and southern Somalia, but the comparisonExpand
The Prospects for Transitional Justice in Catalyzing Socioeconomic Justice in Postconflict States: A Critical Assessment in Light of Somalia’s Transition
There is an increasing belief in transitional justice literature that transitional justice can and should assist the transformation of oppressed societies into fair ones by exposing and remedying theExpand
How Somalia Works: Mimicry and the Making of Mohamed Siad Barre’s Regime in Mogadishu
Abstract:Recent literature on Somalia has largely been preoccupied with the latest developments from the capital, Mogadishu, yet Somalia in public discourse is not the same as the empirically nuancedExpand
Foreign State Influence and Somalia’s 2017 Presidential Election: An Analysis
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known popularly as “Farmajo�?, was declared Somalia’s new president-elect after defeating incumbent president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on February 8, 2017. Farmajo’s victoryExpand
Shelter from the storm: Somali migrant networks in Uganda between international business and regional geopolitics
ABSTRACT Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the Somali population in Uganda. This spike reflects a new development in the history of Somali mobility in East Africa, shaped both by crisesExpand
Introduction: Challenges of State Building, State Reconstruction and National Identity Reconfiguration
The central argument of Chap. 1 is that state building, state reconstruction and national identity reconstitution in post-transition societies and in countries that have split demands a radicalExpand
Somaliland: Dynamics of internal legitimacy and (lack of) external sovereignty
Abstract Despite its strong legal and historical claims to sovereignty, the Republic of Somaliland remains entirely unrecognized by the international community more than 20 years after it proclaimedExpand


Hidden dimensions of the Somalia famine
Abstract This article adopts a socio-political lens in order to better understand the Somalia famine. As a result it draws out important continuities with the famine of the early 1990s as well asExpand
Humanitarian space in Somalia: a scarce commodity
Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Samir Elhawary and Sarah Collinson, of the Overseas Development Institute's Humanitarian Policy Group, for their assistance in the preparation of thisExpand
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