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Somalia’s Missing Million: The Somali Diaspora and Its Role in Development

  title={Somalia’s Missing Million: The Somali Diaspora and Its Role in Development},
  author={Hanna Sheikh and Sally Healy},

Somali immigrant youths and the power of print literacy

This article examines some of the ways in which the politics of a written script are enacted among Somali refugees and immigrants in present-day schools and classrooms. Analysis focuses on data

Mental and somatic health and pre- and post-migration factors among older Somali refugees in Finland

Exposure to traumatic events prior to immigrating to Finland was associated with higher levels of mental distress, as well as poorer health status, health-relatedquality of life, and subjective quality of life among Somalis.

Homeland perception and recognition of the diaspora engagement: the case of the Somali diaspora

Scanning through the literature on diasporas one finds two opposing views. On the one hand diasporas are promoted as having the necessary education, experience and knowledge to contribute towards

Somali-Swedish Girls - The Construction of Childhood within Local and Transnational Spaces

This thesis explores diaspora experiences among Somali-Swedish parents and their daughters where the girls are enrolled in a Muslim-profiled school. The thesis uses migration theory with a transnat

High Rates of Diabetes Mellitus, Pre-diabetes and Obesity Among Somali Immigrants and Refugees in Minnesota: A Retrospective Chart Review

There was a significantly higher prevalence of diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity among Somali patients compared with non-Somali patients, and further research into the specific causes of these disparities is needed.

Diasporic futures: exploring evolutions of identity among Somali-Canadians

Purpose Among the Somalis living in the diaspora, there is a growing number that are returning or are interested in returning to Somalia for personal, economic and political reasons. The purpose of

The contribution of Somali diaspora in Denmark to Peacebuilding in Somalia through Multi-Track Diplomacy

The paper assesses the ways the Somali diaspora in Denmark is contributing to peacebuilding in their home country through what is known in peace studies as Multi-Track Diplomacy. It starts by

Emerging diasporas: Exploring mobilization outside the homeland

An enormous number of people are leaving their homelands around the world today. This has happened several times in the past, but migration has spiked in recent years. These population movements can