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Solving the multi-messenger puzzle of the AGN-starburst composite galaxy NGC 1068

  title={Solving the multi-messenger puzzle of the AGN-starburst composite galaxy NGC 1068},
  author={Bj{\"o}rn Eichmann and Foteini Oikonomou and Silvia Salvatore and Ralf-J{\"u}rgen Dettmar and Julia K. Becker Tjus},
Multi-wavelength observations indicate that some starburst galaxies show a dominant non-thermal contribution from their central region. These active galactic nuclei (AGN)-starburst composites are of special interest, as both phenomena on their own are potential sources of highly-energetic cosmic rays and associated gamma-ray and neutrino emission. In this work, a homogeneous, steady-state two-zone multi-messenger model of the non-thermal emission from the AGN corona as well as the circumnuclear… 
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