Solving the frequency assignment problem by using meta-heuristic methods

  title={Solving the frequency assignment problem by using meta-heuristic methods},
  author={Baris Satar and Ahmet Akbulut and Guven Yenihayat and Tolga Numaoglu and A. Utku Yargiçoglu and A. Egemen Yilmaz},
  journal={2016 International Symposium on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (ISFEE)},
Frequency assignment, as a subclass of general assignment problem, is a non-deterministic polynomial-time hard (NP-hard) optimization problem. Main difficulty in these types of problems is the time required to find an optimum solution, since the solution time increases exponentially as the size of the problem grows. To solve the problem in a limited computation time, meta-heuristic methods are adopted. In this study, a frequency assignment problem with conflicting objectives is described. This… CONTINUE READING