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Solving Feature Subset Selection Problem by a Hybrid Metaheuristic

  title={Solving Feature Subset Selection Problem by a Hybrid Metaheuristic},
  author={M. Garc{\'i}a-Torres and F. G. L{\'o}pez and B. Meli{\'a}n-Batista and J. Moreno-P{\'e}rez and J. M. Moreno-Vega},
  booktitle={Hybrid Metaheuristics},
  • M. García-Torres, F. G. López, +2 authors J. M. Moreno-Vega
  • Published in Hybrid Metaheuristics 2004
  • Computer Science
  • The aim of this paper is to develop a hybrid metaheuristic based on Variable Neighbourhood Search and Tabu Search for solving the Feature Subset Selection Problem in classification. Given a set of instances characterized by several features, the classification problem consists of assigning a class to each instance. Feature Subset Selection Problem selects a relevant subset of features from the initial set in order to classify future instances. The proposed hybrid metaheuristic is compared with… CONTINUE READING
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