Solvent effects on the molecular properties of pectins.

  title={Solvent effects on the molecular properties of pectins.},
  author={Marshall L. Fishman and Hoa K. Chau and Frank Kolpak and J. W. Brady},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={49 9},
Measurements revealed that LiAc/HAc buffer, when compared with other solvents, gave relatively low values of turbidity for five commercial pectins with various apparent molar masses and degrees of methyl esterification (DE). Therefore, HPSEC with on-line light scattering and viscosity detection was employed to compare LiAc/HAc buffer against NaNO(3) solution, a commonly used mobile phase for measuring the molecular properties of these pectins and an additional pectin prepared by microwave… CONTINUE READING

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