Solutions for Improving Transit through Intermodal Passenger Terminals

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Investigation of the Effect of Rail Passenger Transport on Air Passenger Transport in Intermodal Transport: Samsun and Trabzon Example

Passenger transport demand is increasing rapidly with the globalization process. In order to meet the continuous increasing demand for transport services, it is necessary to combine all transport



Modelling passenger flows in public transport facilities

This thesis describes the developement of a new type of simulation tool for the assessment of designs of public transport facilities (stations, airports) and other public spaces with intensive

Effects of a Non-Motorized Transport Infrastructure Development in the Bucharest Metropolitan Area

Since 1990, in Romania and especially in Bucharest there has been a constantly growing tendency towards new expensive residential settlements located in the suburbs. Following this, even more cars

Possible Consequences of the Implementation of Transport Integration in the Riga Planning Region

This paper deals with the question of how measures of transport integration can benefit the public transport system in the Latvian capital Riga and its surrounding area. The public transport system

L'émergence de la notion de pôle d'échanges, entre interconnexion des réseaux et structuration des territoires

Cet article s'interesse a la notion de « pole d'echanges » a travers une analyse terminologique. L'evolution semantique des nœuds de reseaux que nous detaillons dans ce travail, montre une prise en