Solution to the Cosmological Constant Problem in a Regge Quantum Gravity Model

  title={Solution to the Cosmological Constant Problem in a Regge Quantum Gravity Model},
  author={A. Mikovi{\'c} and M. Vojinovic},
  • A. Miković, M. Vojinovic
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • EPL
  • We show that it is possible to solve the cosmological constant (CC) problem in a discrete quantum gravity theory based on Regge calculus by using the effective action approach and a special path-integral measure. The effective cosmological constant is given as a sum of 3 terms: the classical CC, the quantum gravity CC and the matter CC. Since the observations can only measure the sum of these 3 terms, we can choose the classical CC to be equal to the negative value of the matter CC. Hence the… CONTINUE READING


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