Solution structure of the thermostable sweet-tasting protein brazzein

  title={Solution structure of the thermostable sweet-tasting protein brazzein},
  author={Jane E. Caldwell and Frits Abildgaard and Željko D{\vz}akula and Ding Ming and G{\"o}ran Hellekant and John L. Markley},
  journal={Nature Structural Biology},
The fruit of Pentadiplandra brazzeana Baillon contains a small, sweet-tasting protein named brazzein. The structure of brazzein in solution was determined by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy at pH 5.2 and 22 °C. The brazzein fold, which contains one α-helix and three strands of antiparallel β-sheet, does not resemble that of either of the other two sweet-tasting proteins with known structures, monellin and thaumatin. Instead, the structure of brazzein resembles those of plant… CONTINUE READING

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