Solution structure of a recombinant type I sculpin antifreeze protein.

  title={Solution structure of a recombinant type I sculpin antifreeze protein.},
  author={Ann H Kwan and Kayesh Fairley and Pia I Anderberg and Chu Wai Liew and Margaret M. Harding and Joel P. Mackay},
  volume={44 6},
We have determined the solution structure of rSS3, a recombinant form of the type I shorthorn sculpin antifreeze protein (AFP), at 278 and 268 K. This AFP contains an unusual sequence of N-terminal residues, together with two of the 11-residue repeats that are characteristic of the type I winter flounder AFP. The solution conformation of the N-terminal region of the sculpin AFP has been assumed to be the critical factor that results in recognition of different ice planes by the sculpin and… CONTINUE READING

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