Solution-processed green and blue quantum-dot light-emitting diodes with eliminated charge leakage

  title={Solution-processed green and blue quantum-dot light-emitting diodes with eliminated charge leakage},
  author={Yunzhou Deng and Feng Peng and Yaomin Lu and Xitong Zhu and Wangxiao Jin and Jing Qiu and Jiawei Dong and Yanlei Hao and Dawei Di and Yuan Gao and Tulai Sun and Ming Zhang and Feng Liu and Linjun Wang and Lei Ying and Fei Huang and Yizheng Jin},
  journal={Nature Photonics},
Quantum-dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) promise a new generation of efficient, low-cost, large-area and flexible electroluminescent devices. However, the inferior performance of green and blue QD-LEDs is hindering the commercialization of QD-LEDs in display and solidstate lighting. Here, we demonstrate best-performing green and blue QD-LEDs with ~100% conversion of the injected charge carriers into emissive excitons. Key to this success is eliminating electron leakage at the organic… 
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