Solution-grown zinc oxide nanowires.


We review two strategies for growing ZnO nanowires from zinc salts in aqueous and organic solvents. Wire arrays with diameters in the nanoscale regime can be grown in an aqueous solution of zinc nitrate and hexamethylenetetramine. With the addition of poly(ethylenimine), the lengths of the wires have been increased to 25 mum with aspect ratios over 125. Additionally, these arrays were made vertical by nucleating the wires from oriented ZnO nanocrystals. ZnO nanowire bundles have been produced by decomposing zinc acetate in trioctylamine. By the addition of a metal salt to the solution, the ZnO wires can be doped with a range of transition metals. Specifically, ZnO nanowires were homogeneously doped with cobalt and showed a marked deviation from paramagnetic behavior. We conclude by highlighting the use of these solution-grown nanowire arrays in dye-sensitized solar cells. The nanowire cells showed an improvement in the charge collection efficiency over traditional nanoparticle cells.

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