Solution conformational analysis of sodium complexed [Gly6]- and [Gly9]-antamanide analogs.

  title={Solution conformational analysis of sodium complexed [Gly6]- and [Gly9]-antamanide analogs.},
  author={Pietro Amodeo and Gabriella Saviano and Gianfranco Borin and Andrea Calderan and Paolo Ruzza and Teodorico Tancredi},
  journal={The journal of peptide research : official journal of the American Peptide Society},
  volume={51 3},
To investigate the conformational flexibility of metal-complexed cyclodecapeptides, we synthesized and studied two antamanide analogs, in which the phenylalanine residue in position 6 or 9 of the sequence was substituted by Gly. Previous conformational studies on antamanide suggested that these backbone regions are affected by conformational variation. The NMR conformational study showed a high degree of flexibility for the two analogs. With sodium ions, on the other hand, [Gly9]-antamanide was… CONTINUE READING

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