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Solution To Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem Using Genetic Algorithms - TI Journals

  title={Solution To Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem Using Genetic Algorithms - TI Journals},
  author={P. Surekha and Sayee Sumathi},
  journal={World Applied Programming},
Abstract. [...] Key Method The solution to the MDVRP, in this paper, is obtained through Genetic Algorithm (GA). The customers are grouped based on distance to their nearest depots and then routed with Clarke and Wright saving method. Further the routes are scheduled and optimized using GA. A set of five different Cordeau’s benchmark instances (p01, p02, p03, p04, p06) from the online resource of University of Malaga, Spain were experimented using MATLAB R2008b software. The results were evaluated in terms of…Expand
A Nomadic Genetic Algorithm Approach with GMOUX Crossover for Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem
In logistics and distribution management, the delivery of products from depot to customers is a practical, complex and challenging task as this involves simultaneous determination of the routes forExpand
A Novel Three-Phase Approach for Solving Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demand
The Mult i-Depot Veh icle Routing Problem (MDVRP), an extension of classical VRP, is a NP-hard problem for simu ltaneously determining the routes for several vehicles from mu ltip le depots to a setExpand
A Genetic clustering algorithm for Multi Depot vehicle Routing Problem
The result obtained from the Genetic Algorithm shows that travelled distance and traveled time were minimized when compared with existing results, the ability of Genetic Al algorithm to diversify solution proved its effectiveness. Expand
Genetic Algorithm based Solution Model for Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
The performance of Gene Bank technique with a proposed novel Ordered Distance Vector (ODV) based EV Technique in terms of convergence rate, quality solution and convergence diversity is analyzed. Expand
Cluster Ranking Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window Solved by A New Non Dominated Algorithm
In this paper we presented an approach to solve Cluster Ranking Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window (CRMDVRPTW) in different scenarios. The objective of the problem was to findExpand
Grey Wolf Optimizer algorithm for solving the multi depot vehicle routing problem and its implementation
Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem (MDVRP) is one of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) variants. MDVRP is a VRP that uses more than one depot for the distribution process. In this paper, the MDVRP willExpand
An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Solving Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problems
The authors find that the proposed methods to minimise the cost of VRP give encouraging results on the basis of results on allall-in-one cases, as well as encouraging encouraging results from other cases. Expand
Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Criteria Optimization of Multi-Depots Pick-up and Delivery Problems with Time Windows and Multi-Vehicles
In this paper, multi-vehicles, multi-depots pick-up and delivery problems with time windows (m-MDPDPTW) is presented as a multi-criteria optimization problem. The m-MDPDPTW is a variant of pick-upExpand
Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window (MDVRPTW) is a problem of finding an optimal route for a supplier. The supplier needs to deliver goods to a number of customers using the vehiclesExpand
Review Paper on Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem
The Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem (MDVRP) is a generalization of classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). MDVRP is a NP-hard problem which is more advantageous than VRP. MDVRP simultaneouslyExpand


A hybrid genetic algorithm for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem
Two hybrid genetic algorithms (HGAs) are developed and it is proved that the performance of H GA2 is superior to that of HGA1 in terms of the total delivery time. Expand
Using Genetic Algorithms for Multi-depot Vehicle Routing
The proposed GA employs an indirect encoding and an adaptive inter-depot mutation exchange strategy for the MDVRP with capacity and route-length restrictions and is competitive with the existing GA upon which it improves the solution quality for a number of instances. Expand
Application of Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Multidepot Vehicle Routing Problem
This paper proposes to use a stochastic search technique called fuzzy logic guided genetic algorithms (FLGA) to solve the optimization of vehicle routing problem in which multiple depots, multiple customers, and multiple products are considered. Expand
Heuristic algorithms for single and multiple depot vehicle routing problems with pickups and deliveries
This method finds a solution to the corresponding VRP problem and modifies this solution to make it feasible for the VRPPD, and is capable of solving multi-depot problems, which has not been done before. Expand
A hybrid algorithm for multi-depot vehicle routing problem
  • Peiyou Chen, X. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics
  • 2008
A hybrid algorithm which embedded Metropolis acceptance rule of simulated annealing in genetic algorithm is developed and showed that the proposed algorithm is a feasible and effective approach for multi-depot vehicle routing problem. Expand
Heuristic solutions to multi-depot location-routing problems
This paper presents a method for solving the multi-depot location-routing problem (MDLRP) in which several unrealistic assumptions are relaxed and the setting of parameters throughout the solution procedure for obtaining quick and favorable solutions is suggested. Expand
A multi-level composite heuristic for the multi-depot vehicle fleet mix problem
The problem of simultaneously allocating customers to depots, finding the delivery routes and determining the vehicle fleet composition is addressed. A multi-level composite heuristic is proposed andExpand
New assignment algorithms for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem
This paper considers the design and analysis of algorithms for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem with time windows (MDVRPTW), finding that the heuristics with the best results are those with the largest computational efforts. Expand
A vehicle routing problem solved by using a hybrid genetic algorithm
A mathematical programming model with a new numerical formula which presents the amount of delivery and sub-tour elimination and a hybrid genetic algorithm which considers the improvement of generation for an initial solution, three different heuristic processes, and a float mutation rate for escaping from the local solution in order to find the best solution. Expand
Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication PrinciplesA Combining Heuristic Algorithm for the Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Inter-depot Routes
A heuristic combining the adaptative memory principle, a tabu search method for the solution of subproblems, and integer programming is proposed, which indicates the validity of the technique to MDVRPI. Expand