Soluble P-selectin as a marker of in vivo platelet activation.

  title={Soluble P-selectin as a marker of in vivo platelet activation.},
  author={Patrizia Ferroni and Francesca Martini and Silvia Riondino and Francesca La Farina and Agesilao Magnapera and Filippo Ciatti and Fiorella Guadagni},
  journal={Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry},
  volume={399 1-2},
BACKGROUND Platelets are the major source of circulating sP-selectin. Elevated levels of this protein have been found in many atherothrombotic disorders. Thus, we investigated whether sP-selectin dosage might reflect platelet function in patients with risk factors for or with established cardiovascular diseases and whether its levels can be modulated by aspirin therapy. METHODS Plasma sP-selectin levels and light transmission platelet aggregometry (LTA) were analyzed in 152 outpatients. The… CONTINUE READING


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