Soluble MHC-peptide complexes induce rapid death of CD8+ CTL.

  title={Soluble MHC-peptide complexes induce rapid death of CD8+ CTL.},
  author={Marek Cebecauer and Philippe Guillaume and Pavel Hoz{\'a}k and Silke Mark and Helen Everett and Pascal Schneider and Immanuel F. Luescher},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={174 11},
Soluble MHC-peptide (pMHC) complexes, commonly referred to as tetramers, are widely used to enumerate and to isolate Ag-specific CD8(+) CTL. It has been noted that such complexes, as well as microsphere- or cell-associated pMHC molecules compromise the functional integrity of CTL, e.g., by inducing apoptosis of CTL, which limits their usefulness for T cell sorting or cloning. By testing well-defined soluble pMHC complexes containing linkers of different length and valence, we find that… CONTINUE READING
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