Soluble HLA-G1 at the materno-foetal interface--a review.

  title={Soluble HLA-G1 at the materno-foetal interface--a review.},
  author={Philippe Le Bouteiller and Florence Legrand-Abravanel and Corinne Solier},
  volume={24 Suppl A},
HLA-G differs from the other MHC class I genes. This includes a unique promoter region, a restricted constitutive tissular distribution, the translation of different membrane-bound and soluble isoforms, a shortened cytoplasmic tail and a minimal polymorphim. Soluble HLA-G1 is an immunosuppressive molecule inducing apoptosis of activated CD8(+) T cells and down-modulating CD4(+) T cell proliferation. Soluble HLA-G1 may also contribute to the control of implantation. 

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