Soluble CD14 in periodontitis.

  title={Soluble CD14 in periodontitis.},
  author={Elena A Nicu and Marja L. Laine and Servaas A Morr{\'e} and Ubele Van der Velden and Bruno G. Loos},
  journal={Innate immunity},
  volume={15 2},
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) binds to soluble (s)CD14. We investigated which factors contribute to variations in sCD14 levels in periodontitis, a chronic infectious disease of tooth-supporting tissues associated with endotoxemia and leading to inflammation and subsequently loss of teeth. The sCD14 levels were determined by ELISA in healthy controls (n=57) and untreated patients (59 moderate and 46 severe) and their relation with markers of systemic inflammation (C-reactive protein levels, and… CONTINUE READING


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