Solubilization of calcitonin-responsive renal cortical adenylate cyclase.


Purification of pork renal cortex membranes yielded a particulate adenylate cyclase retaining good sensitivity to stimulation by parathyroid hormone and glucagon and a modest but significant response to porcine calcitonin. Treatment of this partially purified membrane fraction with 0.5% Lubrol PX and 5 mM NaF released adenylate cyclase activity into a… (More)


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@article{Queener1975SolubilizationOC, title={Solubilization of calcitonin-responsive renal cortical adenylate cyclase.}, author={Sherry F. Queener and J. W. Fleming and Norman H. Bell}, journal={The Journal of biological chemistry}, year={1975}, volume={250 19}, pages={7586-92} }