Solubility of methane in aqueous solutions of triethylenediamine

  title={Solubility of methane in aqueous solutions of triethylenediamine},
  author={John A. Muccitelli and W. N. Wen},
  journal={Journal of Solution Chemistry},
The solubilities of methane were measured in water and aqueous solutions of triethylenediamine (TED), triethylenediamine hydrochloride (TED·HCl), and HCl at several concentrations up to 1M at 5° intervals from 5 to 25°C. Methane solubilities in solutions of TED·HCl and HCl are lower than those in water and decrease with increasing cosolute concentration. In contrast, the solubilities in TED solutions are greater than those in water and increase with increasing TED concentration. The order of… CONTINUE READING