Solubility of Polystyrene in Certain Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Their Constituents

  title={Solubility of Polystyrene in Certain Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Their Constituents},
  author={W. Monte and D. Landau-West},
  journal={Journal of Food Science},
Certain food items have been shown to be incompatible with the expanded polystyrene used for the manufacture of food containers. Using t14C polystyrene (synthesized in such a way as to approximate the structure of commercial polystyrene), it was determined that this incompatibility was due, in part, to the dissolution of polystyrene by certain essential oils. Citronella, limonene and terpinene (constituents of many flavor oils) were found to be excellent solvents for polystyrene, solubilizing… Expand
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