Solubility and phase behaviour of selected pharmaceutical excipients in 2h, 3h-perfluoropentane

  title={Solubility and phase behaviour of selected pharmaceutical excipients in 2h, 3h-perfluoropentane},
  author={Marie C{\^o}t{\'e}},
The behaviour of pharmaceutical excipients was studied in 2H, 3H-perfluoropentane (HPFP), a partially fluorinated liquid considered as a highly suitable model propellant for medicinal pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs) used in drug delivery to the lungs. The additives chosen belonged to three main categories: ethylene oxide oligomers and derivatives, chosen for their wide range of applications in pharmaceutical formulations, their harmlessness and low cost a hydrophobically modified… CONTINUE READING

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