Solitons in optomechanical arrays.

  title={Solitons in optomechanical arrays.},
  author={Jing-Hui Gan and Hao Xiong and Liu-Gang Si and Xin-you L{\"u} and Ying Wu},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={41 12},
We show that optical solitons can be obtained with a one-dimensional optomechanical array that consists of a chain of periodically spaced identical optomechanical systems. Unlike conventional optical solitons, which originate from nonlinear polarization, the optical soliton here stems from a new mechanism, namely, phonon-photon interaction. Under proper conditions, the phonon-photon induced nonlinearity that refers to the optomechanical nonlinearity will exactly compensate the dispersion caused… CONTINUE READING