Soliton-induced relativistic-scattering and amplification

  title={Soliton-induced relativistic-scattering and amplification},
  author={Eleonora Rubino and Antonio Lotti and Francesco Belgiorno and Sergio Luigi Cacciatori and Arnaud Couairon and Ulf Leonhardt and Daniele Faccio},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
Solitons are of fundamental importance in photonics due to applications in optical data transmission and also as a tool for investigating novel phenomena ranging from light generation at new frequencies and wave-trapping to rogue waves. Solitons are also moving scatterers: they generate refractive index perturbations moving at the speed of light. Here we found that such perturbations scatter light in an unusual way: they amplify light by the mixing of positive and negative frequencies, as we… 

Adiabatic theory of champion solitons

We consider scattering of small-amplitude dispersive waves at an intense optical soliton which constitutes a nonlinear perturbation of the refractive index. Specifically, we consider a single-mode

Tunable soliton-induced resonant radiation by three-wave mixing

  • B. ZhouX. Liu M. Bache
  • Physics
    2017 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC)
  • 2017
It is shown that three-wave mixing (3 WM) also supports soliton-induced RR waves, and plays a vital role in coherently extending the supercontinuum bandwidth.

Interaction between optical fields and their conjugates in nonlinear media.

A conceptually new model is introduced, based on the envelope of the analytic signal, that takes into account the full spectral dynamics of all frequency components, is prone to analytical treatment and retains the simulation efficiency of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

Negative frequency waves in optics : control and investigation of their generation and evolution

This thesis is concerned with various methods for the control and investigation of pulse dynamics in a Photonic Crystal Fibre (PCF) and of the radiation driven by a short pulse. In particular the

Optical event horizons from the collision of a soliton and its own dispersive wave

We observe experimentally the spectral signature of the collision between a soliton and the dispersive wave initially emitted from the soliton itself. This collision, interpreted in terms of an

Dispersive Wave Emission in Dual Concentric Core Fiber: The Role of Soliton–Soliton Collisions

Soliton-soliton collisions have a crucial role in enhancing the spectrum of dispersive waves in optical fibers and collisions among in-phase solitons lead to a dramatic enhancement of the dispersive

Analytic study on amplification of solitons in inhomogeneous optical fibers

Abstract An analytic study on soliton amplification in inhomogeneous optical fibers is presented in this paper. By use of the Hirota method, the bilinear forms for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation,

Nonlinear optics of fibre event horizons.

This work completes the physical description of fibre-optic event horizons by presenting a full frequency-domain description in terms of cascaded four-wave mixing between discrete single-frequency fields, and experimentally demonstrate signature frequency shifts using continuous wave lasers.

Phase-Insensitive Scattering of Terahertz Radiation

The nonlinear interaction between Near-Infrared (NIR) and Terahertz pulses is principally investigated as a means for the detection of radiation in the hardly accessible THz spectral region. Most

Temporal Boundary Solitons and Extreme Superthermal Light Statistics.

It is shown that the emergent TBS is unstable to perturbations caused by the cross-phase modulation between the TBS and the other soliton products of the collision and that such instability triggers colossal intensity fluctuations of the reflected pulse ensemble with unprecedented magnitudes of the normalized autocorrelation function for an even weakly fluctuating input pulse.



Blue light and infrared continuum generation by soliton fission in a microstructured fiber

The nonlinear propagation of ultrashort pulses in a microstructured fiber is experimentally investigated. By working around 800 nm, in the anomalous dispersion region, clear evidence of pulse

Theory of generation of new frequencies by mixing of solitons and dispersive waves in optical fibers.

  • D. SkryabinA. Yulin
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2005
The wave number matching conditions for the generation of new spectral components in optical fibers pumped with a solitonic pulse and a weak continuous wave are derived and an analytical method of finding the amplitudes of the generated waves is presented.

Effective three-wave-mixing picture and first Born approximation for femtosecond supercontinua from microstructured fibers

The theory of supercontinuum generation in microstructured fibers is based on notions of soliton fission and subsequent dispersive wave radiation. In bulk media, in contrast, the paradigm of

Supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiber

A topical review of numerical and experimental studies of supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiber is presented over the full range of experimentally reported parameters, from the

Ultrafast adiabatic manipulation of slow light in a photonic crystal

We demonstrate by experiment and theory that a light pulse propagating through a Si-based photonic-crystal waveguide is adiabatically blueshifted when the refractive index of the Si is reduced on a

Cherenkov radiation emitted by solitons in optical fibers.

  • AkhmedievKarlsson
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1995
We demonstrate a simple, fully analytic method of calculating the amount of radiation emitted by optical solitons perturbed by higher-order dispersion effects in fibers and find good agreement with

Experimental evidence of analogue Hawking radiation from ultrashort laser pulse filaments

Curved space–times and, in particular, event horizons of astrophysical black holes are expected to excite the quantum vacuum and give rise to an emission of quanta known as Hawking radiation.

Geometrical optics of inhomogeneous and nonstationary dispersive media

The survey is devoted to the asymptotic theory of electro-magnetic waves in dispersive media with variable parameters. General questions of the space-time geometric-optics method are considered in

Nonlinear pulse propagation in the neighborhood of the zero-dispersion wavelength of monomode optical fibers.

Nonlinear pulse propagation is investigated in the neighborhood of the zero-dispersion wavelength in monomode fibers and it is found that the pulses break apart if lambda - lambda(0) is sufficiently small, owing to the third-order dispersion.

Nonlinear optical pulse propagation simulation: from Maxwell's to unidirectional equations.

  • M. KolesikJ. Moloney
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2004
Spatial- and time-domain versions of the unidirectional pulse propagation equation (UPPE) are derived and compared from the point of view of their practical application in simulations of nonlinear