Soliton Solutions for the Wick-Type Stochastic KP Equation


and Applied Analysis 3 S n1 . S n −1 consisting of all formal expansion X ∑ α bαHα with bα ∈ R such that ‖X‖−1,−q ∑ α b 2 α 2N −qα < ∞ for some q ∈ N, by the action 〈X, x〉 α bα, cα α! and bα, cα is the usual inner product in R. X♦Y α,β aα, bβ Hα β is called the Wick product of X and Y , for X ∑ α aαHα, Y ∑ α bαHα ∈ S n−1 with aα, bα ∈ R. We can prove that… (More)


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