Soliton Management in Periodic Systems

  title={Soliton Management in Periodic Systems},
  author={Boris A. Malomed},
Periodically modulated dispersion, and dispersion management: basic results for solitons.- The split-step model.- Nonlinearity management for quadratic, cubic, and Bragg-grating solitons.- Resonant management of one-dimensional solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates.- Management for channel solitons: a waveguiding-antiwaveguiding system.- Stabilization of spatial solitons in bulk Kerr media with alternating nonlinearity.- Stabilization of two-dimensional solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates… 
Soliton Interaction Under Soliton Dispersion Management
The concept of soliton dispersion management pertaining to the effect of varying dispersion with external harmonic oscillator potential for chirped solitons have been studied in detail with emphasis
Nonlinearity- and Dispersion-Managed Solitons in Optical Fiber Systems
On the basis of the variational approach, this paper examines the dynamics of a pulse in fibers with periodic dispersion and nonlinearity. With this approach, a set of couple different equations for
Interactions between dispersion-managed solitons with unequal powers
We revisit the problem of intrachannel interactions between solitons in dispersion-managed nonlinear fiber links, which is a major limiting factor for the use of solitons in fiber-optic networks. By
Complexity and stability of soliton management in periodically modulated and random systems
A brief introduction is given to the concept of the soliton management, i.e., stable motion of localized pulses in media with strong periodic (or, sometimes, random) inhomogeneity, or conditions for
Complexity and stability of soliton management in periodically modulated and random systems
It is demonstrated that a class of systems can be identified, in which solitons remain robust inherently coherent objects in seemingly “hostile” environments.
Stabilization of spatiotemporal solitons in Kerr media by dispersive coupling.
It is shown that CD profoundly affects properties of thesolitons, causing the complete stabilization of the otherwise highly unstable spatiotemporal solitons in Kerr media with focusing nonlinearity.
Observation of diffraction-managed discrete solitons in curved waveguide arrays
We observe the formation of discrete diffraction-managed optical solitons in arrays of periodically curved coupled waveguides for two types of modulated structures: laser-written arrays in silica