Solitary wave generation dynamics at Luzon Strait

  title={Solitary wave generation dynamics at Luzon Strait},
  author={A. Warn-Varnas and J. A. Hawkins and K. G. Lamb and S. Piacsek and S. A. Chin-Bing and D. B. King and Giovani Burgos},
A high resolution modeling study is undertaken, with a 2.5-dimensional nonhydrostatic model, of the generation of internal waves induced by tidal motion over the ridges in Luzon Strait. The model is forced by the barotropic tidal components K1, M2, and O1. These tidal components, along with the initial density field, were extracted from data and models. As the barotropic tide moves over the Luzon Strait sills, there is a conversion of barotropic tidal energy into baroclinic tidal energy… CONTINUE READING