Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome. Twenty cases seen at an oncology center.


A retrospective study of 20 cases of biopsy-proven solitary rectal ulcer syndrome seen at a large oncology hospital which highlight the clinicopathologic features is presented. Thirty five percent of patients were in their sixth decade and there was a male preponderance of 2.3:1. All patients presented with anorectal symptoms. Eighty five percent had normal abdominal findings and seventy five percent had positive findings on rectal examinations. Fifty four percent had a diagnosis of carcinoma of the rectum on barium enema studies. On sigmoidoscopy, a solitary ulcer was found in 80 percent; 50 percent had lesions between 6 and 10 cm from the anal verge, and 40 percent had the lesion on the anterior rectal wall. All patients were treated conservatively and 35 percent were disease free at the end of five years, while 30 percent had persisting symptoms.


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