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Solids Far from Equilibrium

  title={Solids Far from Equilibrium},
  author={Claude Godr{\`e}che},
Preface 1. Shape and growth of crystals P. Nozieres 2. Instabilities of planar solidification fronts B. Caroli, C. Caroli and B. Roulet 3. An introduction to the kinetics of first-order phase transition J. S. Langer 4. Dendritic growth and related topics Y. Pomeau and M. Ben Amar 5. Growth and aggregation far from equilibrium L. M. Sander 6. Kinetic roughening of growing surfaces J. Krug and H. Spohn Acknowledgements References Index. 
Interfacial Phenomena in Materials Science
The present lecture notes discuss several important problems in materials science where interfacial phenomena play a crucial role, namely: equilibrium crystal shapes and Wulff construction, growth of
Formation of nanoclusters and nanopillars in nonequilibrium surface growth for catalysis applications: growth by diffusional transport of matter in solution synthesis
Growth of nanostructures and nanopillars is considered in a model of deposition of atoms diffusing from solution to the forming surface structure. Surface restructuring is accounted for, yielding
Shape selection in diffusive growth of colloids and nanoparticles.
A 3D model of diffusive growth of fine particles, the internal structure of which corresponds to different crystal lattices, demonstrating the basic principles of well-defined particle shape emergence in such growth and offering a possible explanation of the experimentally observed shape uniformity in the synthesis of uniform colloids and nanoparticles.
Growth of highly crystalline nickel particles by diffusional capture of atoms.
The experimental procedure presented offers control of the morphology of the resulting particles and yields base metal nanocrystals suitable for epitaxial deposition of noble metal shells and the preparation of materials with improved catalytic properties.
Mechanisms of Interparticle Bridging in Sintering of Dispersed Nanoparticles
We model within the kinetic Monte Carlo method the initiation of neck formation and then later evolution of the resulting bridging regions for configurations involving small particles initially
Simulation of Depositions of a Lennard-Jones Cluster on a Crystalline Surface
Depositions of amorphous Lennard-Jones clusters on a crystalline surface are numerically investigated. From the results of the molecular dynamics simulation, we found that the deposited clusters
Faceting of Soft Crystals
Unidirectional Solidification and Mullins–Sekerka Instability
Before we begin the study of dendritic growth, it is appropriate to examine a simple case first: the instability of a planar interface in unidirectional solidification. Mullins and Sekerka were the
Nematic Ordering in Mixtures of Polymers and Liquid Crystals
We review our recent theoretical works on the phase ordering in mixtures of polymers and liquid crystals. A mean field theory is introduced to describe nematicisotropic phase transitions and phase