Solidarist Syndicalism: Durkheim and Duguit

  title={Solidarist Syndicalism: Durkheim and Duguit},
  author={J. Hayward},
  journal={The Sociological Review},
  pages={185 - 202}
  • J. Hayward
  • Published 1960
  • Sociology
  • The Sociological Review
I f it is accurate to apply to Durkheim, Gaston Richard's assenion: 'As soon as the sociologist abandons the consideration of societies for that of the universal societ}' of minds, and group solidarities for the solidarity of men in space and time, he is philosophising,' Leon Duguit's critical and constructive, sociology-centred jurisprudence based upon the normative fact of social solidarity as the source of all legal obligation, fits this implied criticism. For all his pretensions to a… Expand
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