Solidarist Syndicalism: Durkheim and Duguit

  title={Solidarist Syndicalism: Durkheim and Duguit},
  author={J. E. S. Hayward},
  journal={The Sociological Review},
  pages={17 - 36}
  • J. Hayward
  • Published 1 July 1960
  • Sociology
  • The Sociological Review
Charles Dupont-White: An idiosyncratic nineteenth-century theorist on speech, state, and John Stuart Mill
  • G. Conti
  • History
    Global Intellectual History
  • 2021
Although he is little read today, especially by Anglophone academics, Charles Dupont-White (1807–78) deserves the attention of historians of political thought for two reasons. First, he was an orig...
Welfare, corporatism, and criminal justice: comparing Durkheim and the new institutionalists
ABSTRACT Émile Durkheim known among other things for his pioneering sociology of criminal law was also a corporatist theorist and can be interpreted as a predecessor for an institutionalist approach
Léon Duguit and the Propriété Function Sociale
The dominant modern conception of private property has been and is liberal. Liberalism concerns itself with promoting and protecting freedom of choice for the individual—natural or legal—and groups
Ein ambivalentes Erbe: Von Durkheims (un-)politischer Soziologie zu Bourdieus Religionssoziologie des Staates
  • D. Witte
  • Philosophy
    Berliner Journal für Soziologie
  • 2018
ZusammenfassungDer Aufsatz befasst sich mit dem ambivalenten Erbe Emile Durkheims in der Soziologie Pierre Bourdieus. Im Mittelpunkt stehen die Beiträge beider Autoren zur politischen Soziologie und
La circulation de modèles juridiques : les origines de l’État providence en Colombie pendant les années trente et l’influence du constitutionalisme français du début du XXe siècle
A la difference d'autres phenomenes juridiques, le deplacement du droit d'un lieu a l'autre s'inscrit dans une analyse beaucoup plus ample que celle de droit compare. Les Etats sont mis en
From Expert Administration to Accountability Network: A New Paradigm for Comparative Administrative Law
Abstract: Notwithstanding recent scholarly interest in comparative administrative law, the categories and concepts that structure comparisons and that facilitate communication among different legal
Alfred Agache, French Sociology, and Modern Urbanism in France and Brazil
The 1930 master plan for Rio de Janeiro, drawn up by the French architect-urbanist Alfred Agache, had an important impact on Rio and on the development of modern planning in Brazil. Reflecting the