Solid waste management and a new environmental edict: a case study from Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

  title={Solid waste management and a new environmental edict: a case study from Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria},
  author={Afolabi A. Adedibu},
  • A. Adedibu
  • Published 1 March 1986
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmentalist
SummaryThe Government of Nigeria is increasingly aware of problems emanating from poor environmental sanitation. This awareness has led to various edicts both at the national and state levels on environmental sanitation with particular reference to solid waste management. Such an edict was critically examined for the Kwara State of Nigeria. At a glance, the edict looks impressive and timely, but a closer study reveals many loopholes some of which are outlined. Most important of these, is a… 

Indigenous Waste Management Practices among the Ngwa of Southeastern Nigeria: Some Lessons and Policy Implications

Abstract Despite large investments that have gone into meeting the challenges of effective waste management in urban Nigeria, there is little evidence that such efforts are having their expected

Measuring waste generation in third world cities: A case study of Ilorin, Nigeria

  • A. Adedibu
  • Economics
    Environmental monitoring and assessment
  • 1988
Measurements were taken of the domestic waste generated by randomly selected households in Ilorin, to predict the generation rate for the city, and the models used in developed nations were found inappropriate to Predict the waste generation rate of the people at Ilori because of cultural factors.

Waste Management: A Tool for Environmental Protection in Nigeria

The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to waste as “something, which the owner no longer wants at a given time and space and which has no current or perceived market value”. This line of thought

Land use and solid waste generation in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Solid waste collection services in Ilorin, Nigeria are shown to be unsatisfactory. The poor service is related to rapid population growth, insufficient data and inconsistent government policies.

Sustainability in municipal solid waste management in Bamenda and Yaounde, Cameroon

In Cameroon, and most other developing countries, the problem of inefficient municipal solid waste management ( MSWM ) is endemic. This is easily identified by persistent heaps of uncollected waste

Waste scavenging in Third World cities: A case study in Ilorin, Nigeria

Solid waste poses a serious problem to government agencies and people in third world cities. Recycling as a way of managing waste has received relatively little attention. This paper examines the

Sustainability appraisal of waste management in Nigeria : development and evaluation of an index based tool

Decision makers are continuously in search of a comprehensive yet simple means of assessing solid waste management to make effective and informed decisions. This is particular so for situations like

History and Contexts of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Aba – Recounting the Stories of Residents

To review the history of MSW management in a place, authors often review the development drivers of MSW management and or how such drivers have affected MSW management policy or practice in the

Categorization, Characterisation, Management and Future Trends of Solid Wastes in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

This research work aims at investigating the categories, characteristics and management of solid wastes in Ado-Ekiti Nigeria. Data for the study were collected from both primary and secondary

Sediment redistribution in Ilorin, Nigeria

SummaryIlorin is a city in which there is a great deal of construction work currently taking place. Vast amounts of sand and gravel are transported from the suburbs into the city daily. Lack of



A comparative analysis of solid waste composition and generation in two cities of a developing nation

SummaryThe solid wastes generated by a sample of the residents of two Nigerian cities are analysed in terms of the types of waste and the socio-economic circumstances of the residents. The types of

Spatial pattern of Solid Waste generation of Ilorin—Nigeria

  • A. Adedibu
  • Environmental Science
    Environmental monitoring and assessment
  • 1985
Investigation on the generation of waste in Ilorin, shows that the generation pattern differs from most acclaimed pattern of the developed world and the higher the number in the family, the less the amount of leaf waste generated.

British Town Planning: One Ideology or Three?

RITISH TOWN PLANNING in rising to the status of a relatively Kimportant governmental activity and the town planning pros Jfession in its accompanying emergence have rather amazingly succeeded in

The spirit and purpose of planning

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