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Solid-state Janus nanoprecipitation enables amorphous-like heat conduction in crystalline Mg3Sb2-based thermoelectric materials

  title={Solid-state Janus nanoprecipitation enables amorphous-like heat conduction in crystalline Mg3Sb2-based thermoelectric materials},
  author={Rui Shu and Zhijia Han and Anna Elsukova and Yongbin Zhu and Peng Qin and Feng Jiang and Jun Lu and Per O. {\AA}. Persson and Justinas Palisaitis and A. L. Febvrier and Wenqing Zhang and Oana Cojocaru-Mir'edin and Yuan Yu and Per Eklund and Weishu Liu},
Solid-state precipitation can be used to tailor materials properties, ranging from ferromagnets and catalysts to mechanical strengthening and energy storage. Thermoelectric properties can be modified by precipitation to enhance phonon scattering while retaining charge-carrier transmission. Here, we uncover unconventional dual Janus-type nanoprecipitates in Mg3Sb1.5Bi0.5 formed by side-by-side Biand Ge-rich appendages, in contrast to separate nanoprecipitate formation. These Janus… Expand

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