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Solid Waste Management in Vietnam

  title={Solid Waste Management in Vietnam},
  author={Ng{\^a}n Tuyết Trương and Ismo Halonen},
Given Vietnam’s rapid urbanization due to consistently strong economic growth over the past several years, solid waste has become a growing concern of virtually every Vietnamese city. In a recent national survey conducted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), nearly 70 percent of Vietnamese municipalities identified solid waste management as one of their top environmental priorities. Important challenges in improving solid waste management include a lack of funding and… 


Municipal Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: Status and the Strategic Actions
In Vietnam, municipal solid waste (MSW) has being become increasing complex due to variety of reasons as the increasing quantity, changing composition of MSW, rising public awareness and municipal
Challenges for municipal solid waste management practices in Vietnam
Municipal solid waste (MSW) management is currently one of the major environmental problems facing by Vietnam. Improper management of MSW has caused adverse impacts on the environment, community
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