Solid-State Nanopulse Generator: Application in Ultra-wideband Bioeffects Research

  title={Solid-State Nanopulse Generator: Application in Ultra-wideband Bioeffects Research},
  author={R. K. Sunkam and R. R. Selmic and D. T. Haynie and J. S. Hill},
  journal={IEEE SoutheastCon, 2004. Proceedings.},
This paper describes the design and characterization of an ultra-wideband (UWB) pulse (¿nanopulse¿) generator suitable for biomedical research. The pulser generates nanosecond-long pulses of adjustable rise time, amplitude, and duration, permitting analysis of possible bioeffects over a range of pulse characteristics. Nanopulses of 3.4 kV and 2.4 ns rise time are achieved in a 4-stage pulser circuit using ZTX415 transistors. This device has been used to assess exposure bioeffects to nanopulses… CONTINUE READING


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