Soli: ubiquitous gesture sensing with millimeter wave radar

  title={Soli: ubiquitous gesture sensing with millimeter wave radar},
  author={Jaime Lien and Nicholas Edward Gillian and Mustafa Emre Karagozler and Patrick Amihood and Carsten Schwesig and Erik Olson and Hakim Raja and Ivan Poupyrev},
  journal={ACM Trans. Graph.},
This paper presents Soli, a new, robust, high-resolution, low-power, miniature gesture sensing technology for human-computer interaction based on millimeter-wave radar. We describe a new approach to developing a radar-based sensor optimized for human-computer interaction, building the sensor architecture from the ground up with the inclusion of radar design principles, high temporal resolution gesture tracking, a hardware abstraction layer (HAL), a solid-state radar chip and system architecture… CONTINUE READING
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