Solenoid from Experimental HTS tape for Magnetic Refrigeration

  title={Solenoid from Experimental HTS tape for Magnetic Refrigeration},
  author={E. P. Krasnoperov and V. V. Guryev and S. V. Shavkin and V. E. Krylov and V. V. Sychugov and Viktor Sergeevich Korotkov and Alexey V. Ovcharov and Pavel V. Volkov},
  journal={Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review},
The project of superconducting magnetic system (SMS) for the magnetic refrigerator machine is proposed. The second-generation high-temperature superconducting tapes for SMS are developed, fabricated and tested in NRC Kurchatov Institute. The magnet consists of 12 non-insulated double pancake coils. The SMS is installed in the vacuum chamber and cooled by a cryo refrigerator. 
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