Solar flare signatures of the ionospheric GPS total electron content

  title={Solar flare signatures of the ionospheric GPS total electron content},
  author={Jann ‐ Yenq Liu and Chung-Hui Lin and Yang I-Ming Chen and Ying-Ju Lin and Tingzhi Fang and Christine H-T Chen and Yao Chi Chen and Jonathan J. Hwang},
6 [1] In this study, ionospheric solar flare effects on the total electron content (TEC) and 7 associated time rate of change (rTEC) derived from ground-based global positioning 8 system (GPS) receivers in the midday region are examined. The occurrence times and 9 locations of 11 solar flares are isolated from the 1–8 Å X-ray radiations of the 10 geosynchronous operational environmental satellite (GOES) and the SOHO Extreme 11 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT) images, respectively, while the… CONTINUE READING


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