Solar and wind opportunities for water desalination in the Arab regions

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Energy-Water Nexus: Renewable-Integrated Hybridized Desalination Systems

Hybrid renewable energy systems for desalination

Water and energy are two key factors in human life that always control the growth and development of human societies. Climate changes, increasing the population in urban areas and industrialization,

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Due to the current fossil fuel crisis and associated adverse environmental impacts, renewable energy sources (RES) have drawn interest as alternatives to fossil fuels for powering water desalination

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The abrupt rise in the human population and the simultaneous shortage of the available resources of natural water have created the dearth of fresh drinkable water. This has turned out to be a

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In today’s present world, billions of people live without reliable access to clean drinking water, and as populations continue to grow, freshwater sources begin to disappear at an equally rapid pace.



Promotion of Solar Desalination in the MENA Region

Desalination has become one of the sources of water supply in most of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. All MENA countries lie in the Sunbelt region and have the space

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Cost-effectiveness of solar water production