Solar Radio Observation Using CALLISTO at the USO/PRL, Udaipur

  title={Solar Radio Observation Using CALLISTO at the USO/PRL, Udaipur},
  author={Kushagra Upadhyay and Bhuwan Joshi and Prabir K. Mitra and R. Bhattacharyya and Divya Oberoi and Christian Monstein},
  journal={2019 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and RF Conference (IMARC)},
This paper presents a detailed description of various subsystems of CALLISTO solar radio spectrograph installed at the USO/PRL. In the front-end system, a log periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) is designed for the frequency range of 40-900 MHz. In this paper LPDA design, its modifications, and simulation results are presented. We also present some initial observations taken by CALLISTO at Udaipur. 
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