Solanum Incamayoense: A new tuberous species of Argentina

  title={Solanum Incamayoense: A new tuberous species of Argentina},
  author={K. A. Okada and Andrea Martina Clausen},
  journal={American Potato Journal},
Solarium incamayoense is described as a new wild tuber-bearing species from dept. Rosario de Lerma, prov. Salta, Argentina. This species is morphologically related toS. gourlayi Hawkes from which it differs by the shape, size and colour of the leaflets and by the habit of growth. The species is diploid (2n = 24).ResumenSe describe una nueva especie de papa silvestre,Solarium incamayoense, originaria del departamento de Rosario de Lerma, provincia de Salta, Argentina. Esta especie es morfol… 
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Phenotype and molecular diversity evaluation of some wild 2n Solanum species (super series Rotata)
Alleles ranged from two to six per locus and the highest polymorphism was detected in the locus ntcp9 and lowest were recorded having by two alleles in seven of loci.