Soils A New Global View

  title={Soils A New Global View},
  author={Marcel Abendroth},
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Soil fauna and soil functions: a jigsaw puzzle
  • M. Briones
  • Environmental Science
    Front. Environ. Sci.
  • 2014
A better physiological and metabolic understanding of when and how a complex community of soil organisms access nutrients, alter their environment and in turn, affect soil processes, will allow a more realistic quantitative evaluation of their ecological roles in the biogeochemical cycles.
Professor Donald Johnson’s list of Landmark Papers (1878–1998) in geomorphology and soil geomorphology – an appreciation
This paper provides the complete list of papers that were read and discussed in graduate seminars run in 1998 and 2001 by Professor Donald Johnson of the University of Illinois. A literature sleuth,
Ant mounds as a source of sediment in a tropical rainforest?
In Lutzito catchment on Barro Colorado Island, Panama, extraordinarily high suspended‐sediment yields of 1–2 Mg ha−1 year−1 were generated despite the dense forest cover coinciding with
Insects as zoogeomorphic agents: an extended review
Insects are the largest and most diverse group of living organisms on Earth, playing a critical but underestimated role as agents of geomorphic change. Burrowing insects create micro‐scale landforms
Microbial Activity and Root Carbon Inputs Are More Important than Soil Carbon Diffusion in Simulating Soil Carbon Profiles
It is well‐known that soil carbon composition and turnover rate vary with soil depth, and the responses of soil carbon to global change in deeper soil layers may differ from those near the surface.
Time for nonilluvial Bt horizons?
Abstract: The Bt horizon is the diagnostic horizon of the Luvisolic Order in Canada. According to the Canadian System of Soil Classification (CSSC), the Bt must be formed from clay illuviation
Reviews and Syntheses: Composition and Characteristics of Burrowing Animals along a Climate and Ecological Gradient, Chile
Abstract. Although the burrowing activity of some species (e.g. gophers) is well studied, a comprehensive inventory of burrowing animals in adjacent biomes is not yet known, despite the potential
Bioturbation-Driven Particle Transport in Surface Soil: The Biodiffusion Coefficient Mobility Parameter
Abstract Macrofauna-induced bioturbation of soil is dominated by earthworms, among other invertebrates, in most grassland and forest soil. First observed by Darwin, bioturbation drives particle
Vegetation and vertebrate abundance as drivers of bioturbation patterns along a climate gradient
Bioturbators shape their environment with considerable consequences for ecosystem processes. However, both the composition and the impact of bioturbator communities may change along climatic