Soil solid and solution phase changes and mung bean response during amelioration of aluminium toxicity with organic matter

  title={Soil solid and solution phase changes and mung bean response during amelioration of aluminium toxicity with organic matter},
  author={Tomohiro Bessho and Lloyd C. Bell},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
A soil incubation and short-term root growth experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of organic matter application on Al toxicity alleviation in a highly weathered acid soil. Ground leaves of a tree legume (Calliandra calothyrsus Meissn.), ground barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) straw, or CaCO3 were mixed at various rates with A-horizon soil of a red podzolic soil (Epiaquic Haplustult) and incubated at 90% of field capacity for 4 or 10 weeks. After the incubation, a short term (48 h… CONTINUE READING
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